Are babies conscious

before their birth?

The experiences of pregnancy and birth shape mother and child forever. It’s essential that mother and child come to terms with negative experiences as early as possible so emotional healing can begin.

“Babies welcomed at conception, prepared for during pregnancy, and gently birthed into loving hands begin life positively. They look out at the world with immense interest and curiosity, act as if they feel safe, and make a solid connection with their parents” 

― David Chamberlain, The Mind of Your Newborn Baby

Learn what you can do to connect to your baby

You have the power to really influence your child’s development for the better by creating an optimal womb environment. The way that our developing nervous system, and our brain get wired in-utero have a huge effect on our quality of life. We live in a very stressful doing-doing-doing culture and the reality of life is that it’s not always possible to have an idyllic and gentle pregnancy. However, there are many ways that you can deal with this if you are able to accept that your baby is conscious in the womb. They are affected by everything happening inside of you as the mother and by those in your immediate, intimate orbit. Our unborn babies are are also having their own experience.

I offer private and group sessions where you can learn how to connect to your baby and understant that prenatal and perinatal psychology and health is necessarily a somatic or bodily felt paradigm. You will find out how early memory forms in the body, and how our earliest memories inform our world view and sense of safety. Babies are conscious and aware in utero. If you engage with your baby with this as a baseline then you can build a relationship with your baby from preconception onward. 

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