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I usually work with women preparing for their pregnancy and birth. My goal is to support you in your choices whatever they may be. I wish for every woman to feel empowered, satisfied and happy. Sometimes it is not easy to get pregnant, sometimes pregnancy is not easy and sometimes women are scared or unsure about giving birth or becoming a mother. I work with couples and women on their journey to their dreambirth. I also offer postnatal work and support. If you are a birth proffesional, you may be interested in some workshops I run for people like you.

I believe in you.



What I offer

Hypnobirthing courses

I am a cofounder of MellowBirthing and run a very successful hypnobirthing company in Czech Republic. I run group, private and online courses.  

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Dreambirth visualisations

DreamBirth is a powerful new method for communicating directly with your body through the language of dreams and images.

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EFT technique therapy

Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is a self-help method that combines gentle touch with mindful attention to thoughts and feelings.

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Antenatal preparation

I offer a unique and comprehensive approach in preparation for childbirth. The course is tailored to you and your needs respecting all aspects of pregnancy and birth. Preparation for you and your partner.

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Conscious baby

With my extensive knowledge of perinatal psychology, I can help you connect with your body and baby and create your birthing field. Birthing field that is saturated with love and your ability to surrender and trust birth.

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Sexual and birth trauma

Important support focused on caring for clients trying to understand and heal the impact of childhood sexual abuse and birth trauma on pregnant and childbearing women. From pregnancy to motherhood.

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Birth doula support

I will support you during pregnancy and childbirth. I respect the individual needs of every woman and family. My goal is to provide you with unbiased information and support you on your journey.

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Postnatal care and support

I offer emotional and practical support in your first days/weeks after birth. Your emotional wellbeing is of utmost importance and sometimes we don't have female family members to help us.

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Doula education and mentoring

I run doula course in Czech republic and offer support and mentoring to all doulas all over the world. I support doulas at any stage of their journey to becoming confident, compassionate and skilled birth workers.

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Online courses


Online kurz zpracování strachu z porodu a mateřství pomocí EFT a vizualizací DreamBirth®.
Soukromý online předporodní kurz je ušitý na míru vašim požadavkům a potřebám. Skládá se 4 lekcí, kdy každá lekce trvá…
Kurz se skládá ze 6 lekcí, které probíhají online jako živý přenos (nejedná se o předtočená videa). Kurz je interaktivní…

I am a mother to 2 beautiful children and it is also because of them that, I have become an advocate for women in childbirth. I love to travel (especially by train) and lie on a grass. I love the sea and wind. I love to watch my children play and be happy. I am proud of myself for who I am and the woman I have become. 

​I started as a doula and later trained in Hypnobirthing. Now I am also passionate about pre and perinatal psychology, kabbalistic visualisations and EFT for women. 

​In December 2016 I have freebirthed my daughter Katerina and this experience opened my inner wisdom even wider.


Dobry den, moc dekuji. Vecer jsem usla bez myslenek na A. a spala jsem asi do peti, pak uz se vzbudila dcera, ale jeste jsem usla a dnes se citim mnohem lepe. Opravdu moc dekuji.


Dobrý den, miminko se opravdu otočilo a já jsem hned v noci porodila krásnou holčičku! Mockrát Vám za všechno děkuji!


Dobry den Michaelo, vcera se nam narodila mala Lola. Chtela jsem Vam jeste jednou podekovat za cenne rady z vaseho kurzu. Porod mi trval 7 hodin a bylo to krasne. Rodili jsme doma do bazenku. Nejvetsi zazitek byl v bazenku, pri tlaceni, ktere me prekvapilo, jak to nebolelo. Nebyla jsem natrzena, nic. Hezky den.


Dobry den moc vas zdravim v techto velice horkych dnech a dneska jsem dostala velice dobrou zpravu u lekare ze se plodova voda zmirnila a je ji akorat nic na hranici,hrdlo je uzavrene a miminko se vyviji takze vse je naprosto v poradku!Moc vam chci podekovat nenapadlo by me delohu premlouvat at nedela moc vody!Diky za vas cas


Get in touch and book a session with me

Generally we will meet online. For doula support meetings we can also meet in a cafe or other convenient place. 

I am also available to come to you if you live within reasonable driving distance from me. 

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