"Hypnobirthing is a simple, totally logical and very effective form of preparation for childbirth. It allows a woman to work with her body and child. The partner (if you have one) is an active part of the whole process. The experience of childbirth should be one of respect and love "

Private in person and online courses

I offer private in person and online Hypnobirthing course. I run a comprehensive course for couples or women only. Online course runs over 6 sessions lasting 1.5 hour each. With private in person course, we will come to an individual plan.

Hypnobirthing teaches simple, practical techniques that can help to make all the difference. However the most important thing is that you believe in what you do and I can help you to see things from other perspective and give you more insights. There is no need to empower anyone, because I believe that women are already powerful.

For the past 8 years I have worked with thousands of couples both in London and Czech republic and tought them hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is fantastic for mum, partner and baby. I incorporate all my knowledge into this course. 

​Hypnobirthing is a birth education programme that teaches mothers how to remain calm and in control while giving birth. It teaches self hypnosis, positive thinking, relaxation techniques, and breathing techniques together with physiological aspect of birth. Mothers understand best birthing positions and learn physical preparation. 

​Mothers and fathers learn how to release fear and anxiety about birth. It informs mothers and fathers about hospital routines and procedures, and reminds them that they do not have to follow them blindly.

​Hypnobirthing encourages natural and drug free labour (but not necessarily) that enhances bonding experience. With my clients I have found hypnobirthing to be great for any type of birth. 

The main benefits of Hypnobirthing are:

  • Shorter and more comfortable labour
  • Reduced or eliminated need for chemical painkiller and drugs
  • Better mother-baby bonding
  • Better chance of breastfeeding as mother feels relaxed and confident
  • Babies feed well, are more relaxed, calm and alert
  • Research shows that Hypnobirthing babies have higher Apgar Score* (first test - Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration)
  • Reduced need of episiotomy and eliminated fatique during labour
  • Can be used for induction or caesarean section
  • Post birth recovery is much faster
  • Lower risk of post natal depression
  • Hypnobirthing technique can be used anywhere – home, hospital, birthing centre
  • There are higher chances of a breech babies turning using Hypnobirthing technique**
  • Father/birth companion feel relaxed and understand their role at birth better; father-baby bonding 
  • Father/birth companion feel confident when dealing with hospital staff 



I have prepared a fun, live and interactive online course for you. This course is fantastic for anyone who wants to prepare for the birth of their child. Who wants to make their own decisions and wants to enjoy pregnancy and birth. We will talk about birth psychology, baby psychology and we will use dreambirth visualisations. This is not a conventional hypnobirthing course.

Each session runs for 1.5 hour and we will have 6 sessions together in total. We can do one session a week or if you are in a hurry, we can do 2 or 3 sessions a week. Everything will be tailored to your individual needs.

This is much more! You will come out of this course connected to your body, baby and partner. You will be informed and you will know what kind of experience you want to create for yourself, your baby and your family.