Hypnobirthing course for women only


24th February 2019


Rodinné centrum Pilné včelky Pacajevova 30, Praha 4 Háje

Hypnobirthing course for couples

and individuals

30th & 31st March 2019


Global concepts international school, V Šáreckém údolí 41/2315, 16400 Prague

2 day group class for couples and individuals

Included: Course materials / 11 MP3s / present & support via email or phone until the birth of your baby

Hypnobirthing is a birth education programme that teaches mothers how to remain calm and in control while giving birth. It teaches self hypnosis, positive thinking, relaxation techniques, and breathing techniques together with physiological aspect of birth. Mothers understand best birthing positions and learn physical preparation. 

Mothers and fathers learn how to release fear and anxiety about birth. It informs mothers and fathers about hospital routines and procedures, and reminds them that they do not have to follow them blindly.

Hypnobirthing teaches simple, practical techniques that can help to make all the difference. However the most important thing is that you believe in what you do and I can help you to see things from other perspective and give you more insights. There is no need to empower anyone, because I believe that women are already powerful.

​Hypnobirthing is a birth education programme that teaches mothers how to remain calm and in control while giving birth. It teaches self hypnosis, positive thinking, relaxation techniques, and breathing techniques together with physiological aspect of birth. ​By attending this course, you will gain all necessary information about the Czech system and how to navigate in it. We will go through visualisations, breathing exercises, affirmations, exercises to maintain optimal foetal positioning, videos and pictures.

Be ready to creatively cooperate so that the birth of your baby is smooth, enjoyable and on your own terms.

My name is Michaela Kalusova and I will be your lecturer. 

For the past 7 years I have worked with hundreds of couples both in London and Czech republic and tought them hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is fantastic for mum, partner and baby. I incorporate all my knowledge into this course.

Course overview

  • Connection of the body and mind
    We will explore the connection of the body and mind. We will talk about your fears and worries and wishes and understand how the language of birth can shape your perception of birth. You will find out how to overcome this perception and cultural fears and how to start programming yourself to change your experience. We will be using re-framing and we will create a new language of birth. At last but not the least, we will talk about hormones so you understand how and why they affect the birth and your experience of it.
  • Bonding with your body and baby
    We will look at physiology of labour and talk about the all mighty uterus. You will find out how it works and why you need to remain calm. We will practice breathing exercise and you will understand the importance of calm and relaxed breath. We will also talk about pre and perinatal psychology and you will find out how and why to bond with your baby in the uterus. We will also explore sexuality of birth and how to make the experience pleasurable. Part of this module is exploring touch and how your partner can help you relax and release those important hormones. We will practice visualisations and talk about its power.
  • Relaxation is just a part of it
    We will explore baby positioning and how it can affect your birth. We will explore baby position in detail and talk about what you can do about it and how to prepare for an easy and smooth labour and birth. We will go through essential exercises to ensure that baby is in optimal position. You will learn how to find out in what position your baby is and whether you can actually ask your baby to go into an optimal position. We will practice visualisation that is a big part of it.
  • Know your options
    You will learn about routine medical procedures in pregnancy and birth. How to ask the right questions so you know your options and can make an informed decision. This will ensure that you are respected and you feel safe in expressing your wishes anywhere and under any circumstances. We will discuss how to ask questions in a positive way, how to relate your birth preferences to your caregiver and how to write them.
  • Meeting your baby
    Our main focus will be on the labour and birth itself. You and your partner will learn to understand stages of birth and how to navigate in them. We will discuss when to go to hospital, birth centre or when to call a midwife for your homebirth. We will go through birth breathing exercise and explore the importance of owning your birth experience. We will also discuss cesarean section and VBAC.
  • Your newborn baby
    We will talk about first hour and weeks with your baby. You will find out about routine procedures that will be offered to your baby and learn enough information to make the right decision. In this module you will find out about delayed cord clamping, bonding and the golden hour, breastcrawl, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing and attachment parenting.